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Social Development

Season of Creation

This title (recently reprinted)  is now available at R25.00 per copy plus R 5.40 postage.

For bulk orders - please contact the office:

Anglican Church - Publishing Commmittee

P O Box 61394



Tel:  011 836 5825

email: publish@anglicanchurchsa.org.za

About the Publication - Here is a quote from Archbishop Thabo

'We worship a creator God. The more we learn about the natural world, the more wonderful we discover it to be. There is a real danger that with all our modern technical discoveries we lose sight of the magnificence and intricacy of creation.  We are discovering that creation is seriously under threat. 


That there is life on this planet is a miracle in itself.  It is the most serious of sins that we humans are threatening this life. For too long we have selfishly misused and abused God’s mandate to “have dominion over” creation (Genesis 1:28). Now is the time to recognize that we have a responsibility to God to care for this intricate web of life, acknowledging that “The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it” (Psalm 24).


I pray that these resources on creation themes will help us to worship God the Father more adequately, and to become more aware of God the creator and more responsible in caring for God’s creation.'

The Season of Creation is a resource on environmental issues. It deals with the following themes: biodiversity, water, land, climate change, need not greed and stewardship. It contains liturgical material, background papers to assist in sermon preparation, and small group materials. 




Season of Creation
Season of Creation
Posted: 2008/07/28 (08:56:10 AM)

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