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Social Development

ACSA Presentation

Part 2 (of 3)

Contains slides 22 to 44.

Here is a slide show about the Anglican Church in Southern Africa, covering everything from its history to life today across the great breadth and diversity of our church and the nations it covers.


It includes a detailed presentation of our Vision to be Anglicans who ACT - 'Anchored in the love of Christ, Committed to God's Mission, and Transformed by the Holy Spirit' - as well as our Mission Statement, and our Provincial Priorities.


For ease of downloading, this comes in three parts which can then be put together into a single, self-contained, presentation, which, if used with the set timings, runs for about 13 minutes.  It can also be downloaded in .pdf format.

Posted: 2012/12/31 (08:00:00 AM)

Growing the Church

Anglican Students Federation

ACSA Environmental Network


Hope Africa

Anglican AIDs

Anglican Youth of Southern Africa
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