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New 2010 Revised Edition - He took, broke, blessed and gave by Ron Taylor

He took, blessed, broke and gave

by the Revd Ronald Taylor


New 2010 Edition revised by the Revd. Dr. Nicholas Taylor


Some notes on  The Celebration of the Holy Eucharist


Available  @ R90.00 +  R4.80 postage



“This revision of He took, blessed, broke and gave could not have come at a more appropriate time.  It not only provides a clear commentary on the Eucharist in An Anglican Prayer Book, 1989, but it also encourages a deeper theological understanding of the Service, which can help us all in our preparations to receive Holy Communion.”    Archbishop Thabo, Cape Town


This book will be helpful to all

·        Priests, lay ministers, altar servers and attendants at the Eucharist;

·        Those preparing for Baptism and Confirmation;

·        Members of Congregations, Choirs and others interested or involved in the Liturgy of the Church.


Available from the Publishing Committee at   @ R90 + R4.80 postage

P O Box 61394  Marshalltown 21007

Or  orders@anglicanchurchsa.org.za





Posted: 2011/07/20 (05:11:54 AM)

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