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Social Development

Provincial Media Committee requests proposals to re-build the Provincial Website

Request for proposals to re-build
www.anglicanchurchsa.org - the official website of the Anglican Church of
Southern Africa



  • Modernise
    the website by updating the design, building it on non-proprietary, open source
    software, which allows the Church to administer the site itself.

  • Adding
    text, images and video to be straightforward operations, implementable by
    office staff without specialised skills.

  • Once
    the site is built, source code to be accessible to any web developer chosen –
    if necessary on an ad hoc basis – by the Church. System should include capacity
    to add functions by incorporating plug-ins (preferably existing plug-ins). Site
    easily usable in parishes without high-bandwidth connectivity and by mobile


outline in a paragraph how you would meet each of the requirements below, and
the costing for each. If costing is based on an hourly rate, please give rate
and number of hours needed for task.

Redesign: Update design to a modern look without too drastic a change to the
branding so we can re-skin the site.

Site to incorporate elements from navbars on home page of existing site.

Home page design to make provision for:

  • A box with links
    to a section for official notices, with the top notices listed
  • Top news
    headlines and images from the News section
  • A box with
    preview image and links to audio-visual resources

Provision for embedded RSS feeds to carry links to material from other sites.

Site to provide optimal display on smartphones and feature phones.

Provision for displaying and/or managing data from Provincial contact list.

Include capacity for office staff to:

  • Upload
    single images and create photo essays/ slideshows,

  • Capacity
    for office staff to embed multi-media links (SoundCloud, YouTube etc.)

  • Capacity
    to upload to display and upload PPT-type presentations and PDFs.

Hosting: Outline location of host; provision for redundancy; monthly cost of
hosting; month-to-month or contract basis?

Hours needed to transfer all content from existing site.

provide URLs of another three sites you feel are comparable to ours and which
you feel represent your best work.


Please submit proposals by February
20, 2015 to the Secretary of the Provincial Media Committee at: publish@anglicanchurchsa.org.za

Posted: 2015/01/20 (03:53:56 AM)

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