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Social Development

A Breath of Fresh Air by John Suggit - see Review of Andrew-John Bethke

“A hope to discover new insights not only about scripture but also about our life as disciples of Christ and participants in the life of the world”.     From the Prologue.

“John Suggit, with all his experiences from his University, Theological College, Parish and Active Retirement Ministries has shared his fresh and bold beliefs about how we should use/interpret scripture, to help us grow in our living relationship with Jesus”.  John Forbes, one-time Dean of Pietermaritzburg Cathedral.

“John manages to blend tradition with modern philosophical and sociological issues in a remarkable and coherent way, and I dearly wish more Anglican preachers could be informed by views like his .... I am quite sure that clergy and theologically literate lay people would find them valuable – or they ought to!” Ron Nicolson, Professor Emeritus, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

“John Suggit has done it again. Here is a distillation of his learning and wisdom to help us grapple with the issues of our time. It ought to be compulsory reading for all clergy – in fact for all Christians who want to take their faith to a deeper level.” Duncan Buchanan, one-time Warden of St Paul's College, Grahamstown, and Bishop of Johannesburg.

Available From:  ACSA Publishing Committee, PO Box 157, Westhoven 2142

Cost R80 + R10 postage and packing.

EFT payments:  Standard Bank,  Account Name.  CPSA Publishing Committee, Account Number 00 000 7234  Branch : Johannesburg  00 0205

Contact:  publish@anglicanchurchsa.org.za   or 011 375 2708/09

Posted: 2016/01/13 (08:30:07 AM)

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