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Social Development

New Boys School - the Archbishop Thabo Makgobas Diocesan School for Boys


Vuleka St Joseph’s

The Archbishop Thabo Makgoba’s School for Boys


We are pleased to announce
that Vuleka will be opening a boys school in January 2016 called: Vuleka St Joseph’s- The Archbishop Thabo Makgoba’s
Diocesan School for Boys.


Vuleka St Joseph’s will be opening its doors to Grade 0 and Grade
1 boys in January 2016. The idea to open a school for boys was brought about by
the need in our society to provide young boys with an opportunity to obtain a quality
education that is affordable. This has long since been the dream of Archbishop
Thabo Makgoba who has generously helped to fund the school.

The school will be located on the same premises as the St Joseph’s
Diocesan Centre in Sophiatown. Its history is linked to that of the Anglican
Church and the CR Fathers, especially Trevor Huddleston, and the Sisters of St
Margaret. As Bishop Brian noted: the story of St Joseph’s takes us “into the
lives of so many people from all walks of life who responded to the challenge
of the gospel and the need of the poor and gave generously of their time,
talents and possessions to make the world a better, kinder, Christ-centred

The values of the Boys school are drawn from the life of St Joseph,
namely: humility, compassion, faith and trust in God, respecting and honouring
self, family, school and society and celebrating the dignity of work. 

Vuleka St Joseph’s has a vision of excellence and will offer a holistic curriculum, in line with
the national CAPS curriculum, which allows each pupil to develop his academic,
social, emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual well-being. Learning
through the arts, such as music and visual arts is encouraged as these
programmes allow pupils to shine in these areas of the curriculum. Cultural
activities include chess, art and Choir and sporting activities offered include
mini soccer, mini cricket and athletics.

Vuleka St Joseph’s, rooted in its Christian identity and Anglican ethos

  1. Grow boys into young men of honour, faith and justice, contributing to
    South African society and the future of the country

  2. Teach a model of masculinity, which is not defined by materialism,
    physical strength or domination of women, but rather by courage, compassion, defence
    of the weak, integrity, reason and the power of intellect

  3. Offer a curriculum designed to develop the unlimited potential of each

  4. Foster a teaching methodology grounded in current neuropsychological
    research and practice

  5. Enable meaningful participation in an extramural program which plays its
    part in the holistic development of each boy

  6. Make use of its historical and environmental context to enrich the
    learning experience of each boy.

We are very excited about the school’s opening and encourage everyone to
spread the word about this exciting development. For more information about the
admissions, parents can call the Vuleka Central Office on 011 477 6917 or
email: marketing@vulekaschool.co.za.



Vuleka School
Vuleka School

Posted: 2015/08/21 (03:51:00 AM)

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