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Social Development

Anglican Church in George calls for amicable resolution of conflict over transport

Press statement by
the Right Revd Brian Marajh, Anglican Bishop of George

The clergy of the Anglican Diocese of George, at their annual retreat at
Carmel, learnt with deep sadness about the loss of property when four buses
were burnt to destruction. This sad news came in the midst of a period of
silent reflection on the Word of God and to discern God’s will for our
insertion in society.

We strongly condemn this senseless destruction of property. Violence or the
destruction of property has never contributed meaningfully to resolve any

We are calling for calm and restraint and a return to engagements which would
lead to an amicable resolution of the conflict. All stakeholders are encouraged
to rise above their own self-serving interests and consider the needs of the
communities that they are there to serve.

We call upon the stakeholders to uphold the principles of justice, peace,
tolerance, and respect for the law and each other.

We recognise that this is symptomatic of the bigger context of our grossly
unequal economic dispensation and we pray that a deep sense of justice and
fairness will accompany the efforts to find a solution to this challenge.

Our hearts go out to those whose lives are disrupted as a result of the turmoil
in the provision of public transport and we assure all of our prayers and
support. We commend you to the Almighty God whose love has no boundaries and
whose strength is in service (Ps.9:8).

Issued by the Right Revd Brian Marajh  (Bishop of George)

Tel: 044 884 0085

Email: administrator@georgediocese.org.za

Posted: 2015/08/21 (03:01:13 AM)

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