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Anglicans in Southern Africa resolve to combat xenophobia among youth Resolution of PSC

The Anglican Church of Southern
Africa is calling for youth exchange programmes between its dioceses across the
region in order to combat xenophobia.

In discussions at a Provincial Planning Meeting and at an ensuing annual
meeting of its Provincial Standing Committee, speakers called for Anglican
churches to be seen as places of refuge for people under threat during
xenophobic attacks.

One church member, Dr Paseka Ncholo of the Diocese of the Highveld, urged young
people to make two trips to African countries for every one trip they make to

While South Africans were exiled during the struggle against apartheid, he
said, 'these countries gave us mothers and fathers.'

A resolution approved by the Standing Committee read:

That this PSC:

1. Affirms the fact that we are all created in God's image, are part of a
common humanity and have a shared identity;

2. Appreciates the role that ACSA (the Anglican Church of Southern Africa) has
played in alleviating the suffering of victims of the recent xenophobic

Therefore resolves:

a) To reinforce the twinning programmes amongst South African parishes and
dioceses with Southern African countries as part of strengthening historical
ties and to build up the wider family of ACSA;

b) That ACSA use its advocacy initiatives to assist with the institution of a
programme of engagement with the governments of Southern Africa in an effort to
support initiatives to combat and to prevent xenophobic attacks in future;

c) the [Church], as part of its healing ministry and spiritual formation,
initiate Exchange Programmes for the youth of Southern Africa for the purposes
of community service and fellowship;

d) That each Diocese to provide feedback on progress in its Diocesan report to
Synod 2016.


Posted: 2015/09/28 (09:57:54 AM)

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