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Social Development

Archbishop Makgoba visits Wits - calls for 'bail-out' for students - son arrested in Cape Town

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba joined other religious leaders at
Wits University today in a demonstration of solidarity with students protesting
at fee increases. He also called on the government to 'bail out'
students for the next year while a solution to the funding crisis is sought.

In Cape Town, his son, Nyakallo, was scheduled to appear in court this morning
after being arrested yesterday. A University of Cape Town student, he was
released from the central police cells in Cape Town last night.

In a statement sent to bishops and other leaders of the Anglican Church today,
Archbishop Makgoba said:

'I will join about 40 leaders of the National Religious Association for
Social Development on a visit to Wits University, my alma mater, this morning.
We are interrupting meetings in Gauteng to do so.

'I appeal to bishops and parishioners in all our dioceses to support
students and staff at tertiary institutions, and to pray for an amicable
resolution to the crisis. Apart from holding prayer vigils, I appeal to our
churches to give practical help to students in distress.

'I also call on everyone involved in the protests to avoid the use of
force, and on the police to take action which is strictly proportionate to any
threats they may face.

'Government leaders should refuse pay rises as a symbolic expression of
their concern. And they have bailed out parastatals in trouble; could they not
now bail out our students and institutions, at least for a year, while a lasing
solution is sought.

'These are our children, as parents we need to act. Thank you for your




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Posted: 2015/10/22 (10:25:15 AM)

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