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Email scam alert

Hi Pumeza,

Please send this email to all the contact
we correspond with in ACSA so as to alert people not to open an email with an
attachment that claim to have been from me.


Thank you.



Hi everyone. Its Linea, Vicar General of
the Diocese of Namibia. there is an email that seem to have come from me with
the Subject

DOCS as you all know the use of caps
shows the Urgency of the 

email but when you open this email you
will see that it requires you 

to log in into your email address for
the second time.


Please take note, if you opened this
email and especially on the PC 

or laptop you always use your internet
banking on or where you have 

your personal details on please apply
necessary care and efforts to 

change most of your passwords especial
internet banking details etc.


If they managed to hack into my email
 account nothing will stop them from 

hacking into yours, especially at this
time of the year where most of us will be 

closing our work stations and laptops
wont be updating the Anti-Viruses and malware's.


The hacker according to google alert is
in Lusaka Zambia, and this happened early this morning at 03:00AM. Please be
careful, I did not send such email. I apologize for any inconvenience that this
may have caused.



Many thanks and Blessings,




Posted: 2015/12/11 (09:06:51 AM)

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