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Social Development

ACSA Synod goes into Conference to begin debate on human sexuality


The Anglican Church of Southern Africa's Provincial Synod is today
beginning discussion on a resolution on pastoral care to people of LGBTI


Proceedings began with Synod going into Conference, with a mediated
panel discussion on the issue. Snippets from the debate will be found on the
ACSA Twitter feed: 



The panel comprised Paul Germond, the facilitator, Dr Miranda Pillay, a
theologian from the University of the Western Cape, the Rev Londiwe Zulu, a
Methodist minister who spoke from a lesbian's perspective, and Bishop Martin
Breytenbach of the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, who believes that it is
too early to take a decision on approving same-sex unions.


The Synod then broke into seven-person groups to carry the discussion


Reporting and photos are also available on the Church's Facebook page:



Posted: 2016/09/29 (06:10:47 PM)

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