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Social Development

Prayer Vigil held on steps of St George Cathedral, Cape Town on 2 November

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba led a
prayer vigil on the steps of St George's Cathedral in Cape Town on Wednesday
November 2. He ended the silent vigil, held under the theme 'A lament for
our beloved country' ¬, with this prayer.

Let us pray:

Lord, where are you in these trying
and challenging times and amidst these great developments in our country?

Shakespeare said: Misery acquaints
a man with strange bedfellows.

Lord, we are living through a time
of acute misery, amidst an unprecedented political crisis.

Lord, we know though that South
Africa is not broken;

Because notwithstanding this
orchestrated attack on the foundations of our country, we remain a
constitutional democracy;

Our judicial system remains intact
and plays a critical role in protecting these foundations.

We are thankful for this, Lord, and
we are determined to work to maintain this.

Today, we gathered in silence at
the footsteps of your Cathedral, asking you Lord to speak to us and help us
discern your will for us.

While we cannot change the past, we
must change the future. As South Africans we must hold ourselves up to a higher

We are your children and the
children of giants such as Nelson Mandela.

We long for a just, equal, fair and
a moral and values-based state, which we know is possible to achieve in Africa.

Lord, we cannot afford the luxury
of corruption, quarrelling and never-ending internal strife. We know there is
too much at stake for us to allow that to happen!

We know Lord your that you have
destined us to be a great society, an infinitely capable society, a
hard-working society, a society which has the right to expect something from

We refuse to be a society in which,
no matter how hard we work, the fruits of our labour are often corruptly stolen
from us.

On this All Souls Day, what we see,
what we feel, what we know, is that there is a New Struggle that every group in
South Africa is beginning to embrace, a New Struggle to end inequality, a New
Struggle to end the inequality of opportunity.

So above all, we express our
renewed faith in you, God, in our society and in the outstanding, industrious,
hard-working and decent people who call themselves South Africans.

We express our faith that this
society will have a bright future, because it is we who will ensure that
future, and we commit ourselves to pray and to work for such a future.

Our destiny is not a matter of
chance, God, it is a matter of choice, your choice, our choice.

God bless you and God bless South
Africa. Amen


Posted By Anglican Media Office, Bishopscourt to Archbishop
Thabo Makgoba
on 11/06/2016 06:56:00 pm

Posted: 2016/11/07 (11:33:31 AM)

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