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 Celebrating Sunday Easter Material available
Prayer Book Revision
 Prayer Book Update # 11
February 2017
 Prayer Book update #10 Epiphany
10 January 2017
 Prayer Book Update # 9 - Using Celebrating Sunday in Advent
25 November 2016
 Prayer Book Update #8 What happened to the Prayer of Humble Access
18 November 2016
 Update 7 - Where is the New Prayer Book?
2 November 2016
 Lectionary and Diary for 2017 - now available
October 2016
Baptism Register  News of Publications
29 June 2016
 Update on Revision of Prayer Book Process
June 2016
 Update 6: The Paschal Mystery by Bruce Jenneker
Celebrating the Life-Death-Resurrection of Jesus Christ
 Update 5: Ash Wednesday - Triumph Beyond the Wilderness by the Revd Canon Dr Makhosi Nzimande
15 January 2016
 A Breath of Fresh Air by John Suggit - see Review of Andrew-John Bethke
New challenging publication from John Suggit
 Update 4: Keeping Lent in Autumn by Bruce Jenneker
Revising APB 1989 Update #4
 Update 3: Losing Advent - Ignoring Epiphany by Keith Griffiths
Revising APB 1989 Update #3
 Update 2: Enriching our celebration of Advent by Andy Kruger
Revising APB 1989 Update #2
 Update 1: A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step by Bruce Jenneker
Revising APB 1989 Update #1
 Summary of Readings Year C
 Collects for Year C - 2015-1026
 Celebrating the Seasons by Andrew-John Bethke
28 September 2015
 A voice within Church and Society, A personal anthology by Bishop Michael Nuttall
August 2015
Constitution and Canons file  Constitution and Canons available
9 February 2015
 Lectionary information for January 2015
4 December 2014
 Lectionary 2015 delayed
28 November 2014
 News of Publications
October 2014
 List of Publications - updated JULY 2015
3 July 2015
Breaking a Mould by Bishop Duncan Buchanan  Breaking a Mould, Memories of a Bishop By Duncan Buchanan
 The Wonder of Words by John Suggit
 Anglican Cycle of Prayer for 2014 available
9 December 2013
Red Anglican Diary  Anglican Diaries now available
21 November 2013
 Lectionary 2014
30 September 2013
 Copyright Policy
October 2010
 New telephone contact number
13 February 2013
 Lectionary 2013 SOLD OUT!
25 JANUARY 2013
 2013 Anglican Diary
December 2012
 Clerical Directory 2011
21 November 2011
 From Robben Island to Bishopscourt - The Biography of Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane
14 October 2011
 TUTU, the Authorised Portrait of Desmond Tutu
6 October 2011
 Southern Anglican
21 September 2011
 New 2010 Revised Edition - He took, broke, blessed and gave by Ron Taylor
20 July 2011
Who do you say I am?  by Bishop Eric Pike  New publication from Bishop Eric Pike: Who do you say I am? Reprinted due to demand!
19 July 2011
Confirming my faith  Confirmation Course available
20 December 2012
 Discount Policy
August 2010
 Liturgical Titles and Course material
updated 6 March 2013
 Yearly Publications and Parish Registers
updated6 March 2013
 Other titles and titles approved by the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
General titles approved for sale updated 6 March 2013
Hymns Ancient and Modern Revised - TONIC SOL-FA  Hymns Ancient and Modern revised - Tonic Sol-fa edition
17 february 2010
Anglican Liturgical Notes for today  Anglican Liturgical Notes for today by John Suggit
Exploring the significance and importance of our common worship at the Eucharst
 New Worship Resource Manual
Printed March 2008 Reprinted 2010
A Baptism Preparation Course  A Baptism Preparation Course
A six week baptism course for parish use
Season of Creation  Season of Creation
Liturgical resources for a season of Creation
 Resources from Fikelela
Resources from Fikela

Growing the Church

Anglican Students Federation

ACSA Environmental Network


Hope Africa

Anglican AIDs

Anglican Youth of Southern Africa
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