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Canon: Of the Synod of Bishops


Part: C

Synod of Bishops
1. The Metropolitan shall, as and when in his or her opinion occasion shall require, or as provided in the canons for any particular purpose, and in any case half-yearly, summon the bishops of the Province to a Synod of Bishops to be held at such time and place as he may determine. The date of the next session of the Synod shall be fixed at each preceding session, or, if not so fixed and/or if necessity requires, the Metropolitan may summon the Synod of Bishops by one calendar month’s notice to the bishops of the Province setting out the place and date for the holding of the Synod, and the business to be considered thereat.

2. The business of the Synod shall be that determined by the Metropolitan, and such other business of which 14 days’ prior notice shall have been given by a bishop of the Province to the Metropolitan

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